Fusion of Color and Style

Each Ubiqua Cordless lamp draws inspiration from modern, minimalist, and futuristic designs. The slim and sleek shape of our lamps exudes delicacy and elegance while maintaining a distinctly futuristic aesthetic. Our Standy lamp, with its sleek body and soft glow, adds a touch of luxury to any decor, while our Pinup offers a perfect blend of simplistic design and contemporary relevance to complement any home decor.

Each lamp comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from sage green and sand for a more neutral decor to elegant matte finishes in Gold, Chrome, and Bronze, instantly elevating the ambiance of any home. Vibrant options like Blue, Red, and Yellow are perfect for injecting color into neutral decor or becoming a playful addition to any colorful theme, making them ideal for kids' rooms as well.

Here are some beautiful inspirations for styling our lamps:

Plisse Matt Gold - Luxurious Touch for Your Living Room

Enhance your living room decor with the Plisse lamp in Matt Gold, whether placed on the center coffee table or in a corner or near the TV unit. Its elegant crown head will turn heads, while its soft glow accentuates the overall theme and mood of the room.

Duplo Corten - Subtle Decor for the Bathroom

Position two Duplo lamps next to the large mirror in your bathroom on each side. This will instantly elevate your bathroom decor, and its solid build and water-resistant feature ensure it stands strong even in damp conditions.

Pinup Yellow - Fun for the Kids' Room

The unique design, minimalist body, and playful color of the Pinup lamp make it perfect for the bedside table in kids' rooms. Not only does the color add a fun element to the room, but children will also enjoy its tap features.

While all our lamps are suitable for various decor styles, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to visit our inspiration page to see how home enthusiasts are styling our lamps.

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