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2 products

Our range includes sleek & minimalistic Portable Floor Lamps designed to illuminate any nook and corner of your space with ease and style. Whether you need decorative indoor lights to spice up a corner or a portable reading lamp for your cozy reading nook, we have you covered. Our Portable Floor lamp comes with cordless reading lamp or torch which can be easily detached from the lamp and can be taken on the go.

Our Portable Floor Lamps offer flexibility without compromising on style. These Portable Floor lamps work as decorative indoor lights as well due to their slim and modern design. You can conveniently use the torch as the cordless reading light and keep it around your study or bedside.

Our Portable Indoor Lights provide you with the convenience of wireless illumination without the hassle of sockets and wires.

Buy Reading Lamps or any portable reading lamp from our diverse collection, today!

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