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Success Story

We were searching for a quick and easy way to add lighting to our restaurant. With Ubiqua lamps, it was as simple as placing up some beautiful decorative lamps and seeing the ambiance come to life

Bill Raegal
Design Manager, Restaurant business.

Case Studies

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Made to elevate outdoor Cafes

Resilient against water and dust, are prepared to weather any conditions, allowing you to run your business worry-free

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Elevate customer experience, anywhere

Create instant ambiance anywhere with our easy-to-carry portable lamps, for your customers

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Infuse elegance into every experience.

Specialized experiences illuminated with warm ambient decorative lighting

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Make your lobby a welcoming hangout spot

Elevate your lobby decor with our designer lamps

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Lighting for a rush-hour setup

Need a swift setup for rush hour? Simply place our portable lamps on the tables, and watch the ambiance come to life

Add a touch of elegance to your brand story

We're here to assist with all your lighting needs

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