All-Weather Cordless Lamps

Refreshing your outdoor space to create a new vibe for any weather is always good idea. Lighting plays a crucial role in both safety and ambiance. Our range of lamps is perfect for all types of settings, whether you have a spacious backyard or a petite yet elegant balcony.

Solar Handy Lamps - Perfect for Lounge Settings

Our minimalist, solar-powered lantern lamps are ideal for floor or wall decor in lounge settings. These lamps emit a soft glow around the lounge area, transforming it into an inviting space for conversations and relaxation.

Pinup Lamp - Poolside Accessory

Our compact Pinup lamp is perfect for placement around the swimming area, enhancing the aesthetics of your poolside space. Its slim neck makes it easy to move around, allowing you to keep it near the pool with your refreshments.

Standy Mini - Ideal for Elegant Table Decor in Petite Balconies

Bright enough to illuminate the entire dining experience, sleek enough to avoid becoming a disturbance on the table, and stylish enough to enhance your aesthetics. The Standy Mini is easy to move indoors and outdoors as needed.

All Our Lamps Are All-Weather Lamps

Compact enough to complement any outdoor space, our lamps are engineered to endure all weather conditions. With their adaptable dimming feature, you can easily customize the brightness to suit your preferences, ensuring they're ideal for both dining and relaxation. Plus, their subtle glow provides ample illumination without compromising safety or attracting unwanted attention, creating the perfect ambiance for peaceful outdoor conversations

Experience lounge luxury with our Solar 'Handy' Lamps

Transform your petite balcony with Elegant Table lamps

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